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User registration protocol for yzw.cn

User registration protocol for yzw.cn

This agreement is concluded by amicable negotiation which based on the principles of voluntariness, equality, impartiality and good faith and in accordance with Contract Law of People’s Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations.

This agreement is composed of agreement text, the attachment and rules which is announced on YZW.CN .The attachment and rules has the same legal force. If the rules are inconsistent with this agreement, the date of publication or the date of signature shall be subject to the latter document.

The headings of each article of this Agreement are for convenience of reading only and have no intention of becoming part of this Agreement and do not affect the meaning or interpretation of this agreement.

One, Definitions and explanations

1. Yunzhuwang Platform:The rights and the obligation which shall be exercised and performed by the first party or “Yunzhuwang Platform” informed in this agreement,are performed severally by the internal companies in Yunzhuwang that have corresponding responsible region and sphere of business;

2. “Yunzhuwang Platform YZW. CN ” it :refers to the website whose domain name is “YZW.CN” It’s technical support and services provided by “Yunzhuwang Platform ”;

3 “Yunzhuwang Platform”: it refers to the platform which is running in the website Yunzhuwang Platform YZW.CN. It is the e-commerce service platform that provides users with information dissemination, communication, third party operators’ recruitment, and other technical services in Yunzhuwang platform YZW.CN;

4 Enterprise certification: enterprise registration refers that enterprises who are willing to become “Yunzhuwang Platform” third party operators submit information online on the basis of Yunzhuwang Platform enter process and acquirement and conducts business activities after approval by Yunzhuwang Platform;

5. it refers that the third party operators complete the enterprise certification, pass the qualification audit and meet the agreement fourth article enter service opening conditions .The enterprise in this agreement means second party in both contracting party of agreement.

6. Agreement service period: this agreement defaults to permanent.

Two, basic qualification of enterprise

1. Enterprise shall have good cooperation will, be able to provide high quality goods, ensure the smooth progress of cooperation, and good after-sales service;

2. Signing this agreement, first party shall provide second party with something (approved by second party), including but not limited to the copy of the following materials and upload to Yunzhuwang Platform:

1) Business license (including self-employed business license), tax registration certificate;

2) Organization code certificate.

Three, Shop settlement process

1. First party and second party sign this agreement;

2. First party shall submit or upload relevant certification materials according to the type of shop chosen;

3. Second party can release commodity and start business activities after first party’s approve.

Four, rights and obligations of both parties

Rights and obligations of first party:

1. First party shall provide second party with necessary technical advice on shop opening, and ensure that the platform of electronic business system can run normally and stably;

2. Within the valid period of this agreement, first party has the right to adjust the various qualifications of shops according to the market conditions.

Rights and obligations of second party:

1. Within the scope of Article 1 of this agreement, second party shall open up its own market and develop business, and shall not damage the interests and reputation of the client or first party improper means such as fraud or coercion;

2. Second party shall keep the account information properly, and second party shall take the responsibility for the economic losses caused by the storage, installation or improper use of second party;

3. Second party shall notify first party immediately if he finds any illegal embezzlement of second party's account and security breaches in the course of use;

4. Second party guarantees that all its business activities are in conformity with the relevant laws, regulations and administrative regulations of china. If second party causes any damage to first party due to second party's violation of the above provisions, second party shall bear all legal liabilities and compensate first party for the losses it has caused to first party;

5. The valid period of the agreement, second party shall provide first party related information or data to a commercial institution or organization of commercial competition between enterprises, and first party, otherwise second party shall be responsible for compensation by causing losses to first party.

Five, agreement changes, termination and liability for breach of contract

1. First party and Second party shall act in accordance with the principle of good faith. Either party may terminate this agreement by means of fraud, coercion or violence in the course of its performance, and require the other party to compensate for the losses it has caused;

2. During the period of execution of the agreement, if the two parties or one party deems it necessary to terminate the contract, they shall notify the other party one month in advance, and the parties may terminate the agreement after the completion of the financial settlement and the specific performance of their respective obligations. If a party terminates this Agreement without authorization and causes losses to the other party, he shall compensate the other party for the loss;

3. The agreement may be changed by agreement between the two parties, but shall be confirmed in written form;

4. One party who changes address or other contact information, within ten days from the date of the change, shall upload the address and contact information to the Yunzhuwang Platform. Otherwise the party who changed information shall bear all the consequences caused by this;

5. if the objective situation has undergone major changes, resulting that this agreement does not continue to perform, the two parties can reach an agreement by consultation, change or terminate the implementation of the agreement.

Six, limited liability and exemption

1. In any case, Party A shall not be responsible for being unable to serve or delay service caused by power, network, computer, communication or other systems (including internal fault, strike strikes or labor unrest), labor disputes, riot, insurrection, shortage of t productivity or means of production, fire, flood, storm, explosion, war, government behavior force majeure, international and domestic court order or third party;

2. the services will be provided by the "status quo" and "available" status, Party A hereby do not disclaim warranty of service by any expressly or implied way, including but not limited to service applicability and no errors or omissions, continuity, accuracy, reliability, suitable for a for a particular purpose;

3. The behavior of using Yunzhuwang Platform service to download or access any documents is depended on independent judgment of second party. The possible risks and responsibilities should be undertaken by second party;

4. Majeure force treatment: during agreement, if any party suffered from majeure force shall notify each other as soon as possible and provide relevant documents within fifteen days .When the majeure force lasts up to thirty days, either party shall have the right to notify the other party by early termination of this agreement. In the event of termination of this agreement due to majeure, force, neither party shall bear the liability for breach of contract.

Seven, Termination and rescission of contract

Unless otherwise specified in this agreement, any contracting parties in the early terminate this agreement during the term of this agreement, shall notify the other party fifteen days in advance by written materials. Both sides can terminate this agreement. with the consent of the other party after the two sides signed a written supplementary .

Eight, notification and delivery

A notice to the other party relating to this Agreement shall be sent in written form or sent by facsimile, telegram, telex, e-mail, etc.. When it is sent by fax, telegram, telex or e-mail, the date of delivery is on the date of service, and the registered mail shall be sent by express mail, and the date of receipt shall be the date of service.

Nine, dispute resolution

1. Any dispute arising from the performance of this Agreement shall be settled by negotiation between the two parties. If no settlement is reached through negotiation, a lawsuit may be brought to the people's court at the place where the agreement is signed;

2. The current laws of the People's Republic of China mainland shall apply to the signing, interpretation, alteration, performance and settlement of disputes of this agreement.

Ten, other conventions

1. any party to this agreement that fails to exercise the rights hereunder shall not be deemed to have waived the right and shall not affect the exercise of the right of the party in the future;

2. the term is deemed to be deleted if any of the provisions of this agreement is wholly or partly invalid or does not have the power of execution or violates any applicable law. However, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain valid and binding;

3. this agreement is about cooperation matters mentioned, which is the only complete agreement between the parties. This agreement supersedes any previous agreement on the cooperation and communication (written and oral);

4. The text of this Agreement shall be based on the simplified Chinese version of People's Republic of China.

Eleven, Risk notifications

Please read carefully to understand all the contents of this "risk book", you need to sign the "risk book" before the building in Yunzhuwang Platform (here in after referred to as the "Yunzhuwang Platform") to open an account and transactions.

Online trading is a risky investment. In view of the risk of participating in the transaction, you may lose your investment and may even exceed your initial investment. Therefore, please consider carefully whether your current business and financial position is appropriate for such investments.

In considering whether to conduct an online transaction, you should specify the following points:

1, you must seriously read and abide by the rules of Yunzhuwang Platform trading, and assume all the legal consequences of your behavior on Yunzhuwang platform. If you are unable to meet the requirements of the transaction rules for Yunzhuwang Platform, you will be liable for all the legal consequences arising therefrom.

2, due to the laws and regulations of the state, the change of the policy, Yunzhuwang Platform trading rules changes, emergency measures and other reasons, you hold the electronic transaction contract may not be able to continue to hold, you will bear the resulting losses.

3, due to the reason that the Yunzhuwang Platform cannot control, such as earthquake, flood, fire and other force majeure or computer system, communication system failure, may cause your order cannot be traded or not all transactions, you will bear the resulting losses.

4, the use of the Internet for online trading will exist (but not limited to) the following risks, you will bear the losses incurred:

1) Due to uncontrollable and unpredictable system failures, equipment failure, communication failure, power failure, network failure and other factors that may cause the system to abnormal even paralysis, make your trading instructions delays, interruption, data error etc;

2) Because of the possibility of network hackers and computer viruses attacking on the Internet trading system, it may lead to system failures, make transactions impossible and market information error or delay;

3) The data transmission on the Internet may be delayed or interrupted due to busy communication and data errors or incomplete, which makes the delay and disruption of online transactions;

4) If you lack experience in online trading, it may result in transaction failure or transaction error due to improper operation;

5) Your transaction password compromised or stolen by others.

The risk notification book does not reveal all the risks involved in online trading and the overall circumstances of Yunzhuwang platform trading market. So before you enter the market transactions, you should fully understand the trading rules to Yunzhuwang Platform and related regulations, make objective judgment on your economic capacity, risk control ability and do careful research on online transactions.

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